The council unanimously accepted the principles of the draft Fisheries Act.

Parliament, The House of Representatives accepts the principles of the draft Fisheries Act. “Pitha” points out that fishermen in 22 provinces are in tears, having to bear the consequences of IUU even though 6.7% of their exports are to Europe, resulting in exporters not being punished. The person who received the sentence did not send it out.

Reporters reported that House of Representatives meeting with Mr. Pichet Muang Phan Second Vice President of the Council Acting as the chairman of the meeting Considered the draft Act (Act) amending the Fisheries Emergency Decree B.E. 2015 B.E….. which was proposed by the Cabinet. and there are 7 other similar drafts.

By Mr. Pitha Limjaroenrat List of MPs The Advisory Chairman to the Leader of the Progressive Party kicked off the discussion by reminding fellow members that the draft Fisheries Act brought to the House of Representatives from 21 April 2015 until today shows the inertia of the House. To solve the problem in 2015, we passed the law. Illegal and unregulat
ed fishing, or IUU, which clearly states that we must abide by the principle of using long arm jurisdiction, and if Thailand does not comply, it will not be able to export fisheries products to be sold to the European Union. Therefore, I would like to remind you again that Thailand exports 200 billion baht of fisheries, of which only 6.7% is exported to Europe.

‘But the people who will have to pay the price are our fellow citizens who were not exported to Europe. Exporters are not punished. The person who received the sentence did not send it out. This is an injustice throughout the past 10 years that has made people shed tears after tears. Today is the day that we will join in the vision of everyone, every party, to pass this law. Set up a committee. and pass the law as soon as possible,’ Mr. Pitha said.

Mr. Pitha discussed the impact of the fishing industry. From 2017-2023, exports decreased by 11%. Don’t forget that exports are not just about catching fish. But there are still matters of ports, fish pier
s and transportation that the Prime Minister traveled to meet with the people on August 31, 2023 and promised the president of the Fisheries Association that he would fix it for the fishermen as quickly as possible. At least the law must be fixed within 90 days, but the port, fishing pier, and shipping industries have lost 25%. This is the size, severity, and length of more than 10 years that fishermen have been oppressed by authoritarian laws. I was squeezed until I had no other options left.

Mr. Pitha said that 4,632 fishermen who became accused in the case face heavy fines and imprisonment. Forced to sell many boats The villagers say that having to adapt to IUU doesn’t mean anything. But you must give him a chance to adjust. It’s not a fine until he goes bankrupt. If there is a transition period There is a fishing fund. The law must be made correct and sacred. He does not argue, but is it proportionate or not to the crime he committed?

‘In some cases, the father died and did not notify BMS and returned t
o shore, so he was prosecuted. Was fined hundreds of thousands therefore calling on this council No matter what law is passed Let’s bring together the body of the Forward Party because the Party’s bill is Forward. Emphasis is placed on local people taking care of their own resources. There will be a provincial fisheries committee that will determine fishing conditions as appropriate for the area. It’s not about making a dozen shirts. and expanded the conservation area to 12 nautical miles. There were 4 people involved, the head of the table being the Prime Minister. Subdistrict Administrative Organization that is elected and there were representatives from the Subdistrict Administrative Organization and the Provincial Administrative Organization. Finally, the committee members were asked The Cabinet and stakeholders think of 3 important visions. is to take into account the lifestyle of fishermen Fishery resources and stability of the economy,’ Mr. Pitha said.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Thammanat Phromphao, Minist
er of Agriculture and Cooperatives, revealed that he tried to close his eyes and think of his fishermen in all 22 provinces. He said that 10 years ago, he thought of the situation in the past where there were no laws to enforce them. Thai fisheries are considered kings of the ocean. Make a huge income But during the past period Legal obstacles prevent fishermen from surviving. There are debts and lawsuits. Confirm that the law that the government drafted today Representing the fishermen’s brothers and sisters Himself as the Cabinet Today, he asks fellow members to join in making merit. Make merit for Thai brothers and sisters Especially fishing families in all 22 provinces.

The meeting then voted to accept the principles of all 8 draft bills with a resolution of 416 people, none disagreeing. The number of voters was 416, appointing a committee of 37 people, using the draft of the Cabinet as the main body.

Reporters reported that today Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance have followed
Meeting of the House of Representatives.

Source: Thai News Agency