The National Park Service orders the demolition of 2 resorts encroaching on Khao Kho National Park.

Phetchabun, Director General of the National Parks Department. Order to demolish buildings encroaching on Khao Kho National Park. After a group of about 30 people blocked the path to prevent the demolition by officials. Emphasize that if it cannot be dismantled It will be an example for more trespassers. Ready to order legal action against the obstruction group Performance of officials

Mr. Atthaphon Charoenchansa, Director-General of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, said that Order officials to work together to dismantle buildings that encroach on Khao Kho National Park so that they do not become an example. In the demolition of officials today There is a group of people obstructing the operation. Therefore, it was ordered to prosecute those who obstruct the work of officials as well.

This report was received from Mr. Chaiwat. Limlikit Aksorn Director of the National Park Office, Mr. Komes Phutthasorn, Director of the Office of Conservation Area Administration No. 11, Mr.
Panatchakon Phothibandit, Director of the Prevention and Suppression Operations Division, Forest Fire Prevention, Suppression and Control Office. Special Forces Officers (Phaya Suea), which has a combined force of 192 officers, together with Phetchabun Provincial Administrative Officers. Lom Kao District Administrative Officer Lom Kao District Police Station and the Highland People Development Center proceeded to demolish the resort and buildings Phu Thap Buek – Pha Hua Sing area Within the boundaries of Khao Kho National Park, 2 places, Ban Doi Nam Phiang Din, Village No. 8, Ban Noen Subdistrict, Lom Kao District. Phetchabun Province It is in accordance with Section 35(3) of the National Parks Act 2019.

For the demolition operation The steps in the process of demolishing buildings that encroach on the Khao Kho National Park area have been informed. Announcement has been posted for entrepreneurs to know. During the operational period, the team of officials arrived at the route up to Phu Thap Buek. Found a gr
oup of about 30 people gathered together to block the route up. Ready to hold a message sign ‘Private roads are prohibited,’ so the team of officials explained that they would like to enter the area to carry out relevant legal regulations. But when they were prevented by a group of villagers, they negotiated according to the steps. With the following offers:

1. Request to enter the area to demolish illegal buildings. But the group of people refused to allow them to enter the area.

2. Request to bring relevant officials up to spray paint to show the boundaries of Khao Kho National Park. It will not be demolished today. Some agree with the proposal. But in the end, the officials were not allowed to go up and take any action.

In addition, he also called on relevant agencies, including the National Park Service. Department of Social Development and Human Security Including local administrative agencies to look at the boundary lines together at a later date. In fact, the relevant agencies have already jointly p
ointed out the boundaries of the area. But the people in the area did not accept it. In the negotiations, the Lom Kao District Chief, as the administrative department in the area, also participated. But the people did not accept the offer.

The team of officials therefore divided some of their forces up to the Phu Thap Buek area. to demolish buildings A total of 7 light poles and 5 solar cell power sets were able to be dismantled at the first tourist attraction. As for the second tourist attraction area Unable to dismantle because operations were obstructed.

From the circumstances it was found that Using women as the first line of defense in clashes with the authorities The men will be inside. Make provocative noises, inciting women to snatch demolition equipment from officials. Continue talking about the team of officials. And there was a live broadcast on online media, accusing officials of bullying and speaking ill of officials.

Such actions It is hoped to provoke the officials to use violence. But the o
fficials are still negotiating and understanding gently. The officials therefore proceeded to coordinate with local investigators. To collect photo and video evidence File a complaint against the said group of persons who obstruct the work of officials according to Section 136, insulting an official and Section 138, fighting or obstructing an official. according to the criminal code As for the cars that were parked in the road, blocking the path to prevent the officers from leaving. Ordered to be transported to the investigating officer at the police station. When the officials will take serious action The owner of the car then moved the car and fled. In this regard, legal action will be filed against the owner of the said vehicle.

Mr. Chaiwat opened the opportunity to negotiate to find a joint resolution. Lunch and water were shared with the protesters. without affecting each other in any way Then collect evidence, record details, make an inventory of the assets that can be demolished, and record complaints
against those who obstruct. The work of the officials transported to the investigation officers, Lom Kao Police Station, Lom Kao District Phetchabun Province to proceed with legal proceedings

The Director-General of the National Parks Department said that officials have tried to negotiate to avoid problems and find a good solution together. Use the negotiation method To prevent clashes between officials and citizens. Therefore, they did not invade and demolish the buildings, fearing that it would create a bad image for the National Park Service. From the inquiry it was found that Those who gathered today coming from other villages and emphasizing that in practice according to the law, this must be done strictly without discrimination. In order not to be like those who plan to invade government space for personal gain. and do not let the perpetrators No matter who it is Group rule cannot be used above the law at all.

Source: Thai News Agency