Three suspects arrested in case of stabbing Pathumwan student to death

Bangkok, Three suspects have been arrested in the case of stabbing a Pathumwan student to death. Confessed being molded by seniors, while “Uthen Thawai” offered online teaching and refrained from entering the institute 28-30 Jan.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasin Poolsawat, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, announced the results of the arrest. and the interrogation of 3 suspects in the case of stabbing a Pathumwan student to death After opening an operation to close down the city to hunt down Nong Rae’s killer, searched 7 locations in Bangkok and Samut Prakan.

Three suspects: 1. Mr. Nathaporn or “To 9 Inch”, 19 years old (the ringleader of the gang that committed the crime) 2. Mr. Teerathat, 21 years old 3. Mr. Karan, 19 years old, accused of ‘Joining together to kill others, taking weapons into towns, villages, or public roads without reasonable cause,’ along with three items of confiscated items

Circumstances, namely In the middle of the night on January 26, a group of nine mechanical youths bro
ke in and attacked them using knives hidden in their shoes. A Pathumwan mechanical engineering student was stabbed to death in front of the institute. Officials rushed to investigate until it was discovered that both institutes had a system of working together. Join together to donate money. Let’s go open a safe house and mingle. It is like a termite nest outside the school gate, waiting to instill “ideas” that are distorted, provoking and creating hatred. This led to the opening of an operation to close down the city to hunt for Nong Rae’s killer, with carpet searches in 7 locations.

The 9 suspects are students, 7 of whom have already been released from school and 2 of whom are still studying. Today, 3 have been arrested and all have confessed. It happened because it happened. Because they were molded by their seniors and created values ??that made them hate enemies from different institutions. As for the remaining six suspects under the arrest warrant, they received coordination from their lawyers. Will be
taken to surrender tomorrow afternoon. At the same time, police continue to launch operations to dismantle these gangs. to investigate and expand the results to those involved in the movement Confident that there were only 9 people involved in the incident, according to the arrest warrant, emphasizing that whoever was helping was hidden. Anyone who escapes must be prosecuted. As for the opposing institution’s Facebook post provoking the return of two corpses, the police will absolutely not allow such an incident to happen.

News teams are still in the area. Explore the atmosphere in front of Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok Uthen Thawai Campus, Pathumwan District, Bangkok, found that all doors were closed. and posted a notice stating that outsiders were not allowed to enter. There is a security guard stationed in front. Inside the institute, it was noticed that some teachers came in as usual. But no students were found entering the area. Because today is another day according to the university. h
as announced the suspension of classes to prevent and avoid adverse events. Therefore, students of all years are prohibited. Entering the Uthen Thawai area From 28 Jan. -, is strictly prohibited. If violated, there will be punishment according to university regulations. and let teachers Organize 100% online teaching by having instructors control and check the names of students who attend classes and report to the university.

Source: Thai News Agency