A young man is stressed out after being tricked by a call center gang and hangs himself.

Buriram, Sad, a 47-year-old Buriram man is stressed out after being tricked by a call center gang into sucking 400,000 baht of his life savings. He hangs himself and ends his life. His mother urges him to urgently hunt down and prosecute him.

Family and relatives brought the body of Mr. Wiraphat, 47 years old, a young man who was a general contractor. Came to perform merit-making at Panjai Naram Temple, Lahan Sai District, after finding a corpse hanged to death. On the tamarind tree behind the house on February 19th.

Mr. Weerapat decided to end his own life because of stress. After being called by a call center gang claiming to be a police officer at Pai Police Station, Mae Hong Son Province, they tricked them into saying that Mr. Wiraphat is involved in illegal acts All funds in the account must be transferred to another bank. Then trick them into making a mobile banking application. Before using a trick to suck out 400,000 baht from the deceased’s account that the deceased had accumulated throughout his l
ife in order to save it to support his elderly mother and send all of his children to school.

Officers checked the deceased’s mobile phone. Found that there were chat messages via LINE. with the call center gang Since November 28, 2023, there has also been a threatening message sent. ‘If you think of escaping or evading, the officers will go in and take you into custody. I can’t help,’ causing the deceased to be afraid and believe that he would do everything the call center gang deceived him.

Until 10:48 a.m. on November 29, 2023, there was a notification that 400,000 baht had been transferred from the account, leaving only 98.64 baht in the account. When the deceased realized that he had been tricked by the call center gang and lost the money he had collected, All my life is gone. There was always stress. Until finally he decided to hang himself.

Mrs. Kuen, 76 years old, the mother of the deceased, said that when her child answered the phone, she would not talk for her mother to hear. I like to talk at ho
me alone. Until he found out that he had been tricked by a call center gang into stealing money, he vented to his mother. And there was always stress. Because of the money that the call center gang took away It is money that has been accumulated throughout life. Both the mother’s part and the son’s own part. But he let his child keep it in his account. I don’t think that your child will believe that the call center gang has drained all of their money. I tried to convince my child that it was all over and I was determined to work and find a new one. But I don’t think that my child will be stressed to the point of thinking short-term. I would like to leave a message to the call center gang to return the money. Ready to appeal to the police to help track down and arrest the call center gang and prosecute them according to law. So that I won’t cause trouble with anyone again.

Source: Thai News Agency