“Ann” takes her heart out playing the role of “Doctor Jane”, fueling her acting career.

Nine Entertainment 13 Oct. – Ann Thongprasom reveals the legend of eyebrow shaving makes the new generation more aware of it. Take out your heart and play the role of Dr. Jane, fueling your acting career.

It made many people excited after the talented organizer “Ann Thongprasom” revealed a shocking story from the past that she once accepted an advertising job that paid hundreds of thousands of baht. But the entire eyebrow must be shaved off for realism. Because I have to take on the role of “Mona Lisa”, this time my bald eyebrows are at my peak. After filming, we found more interesting stories. When the payment was checked, it could not be cashed. When I took the bounced check, I told the house that I was accepting the job. Instead, I was ignored. Had to sit and cry like in the drama Until the owner of the house took the check that he had cashed and threw it to me.

As for another hottest role for Dr. Jane from the drama “The Betrayal Love Game”, it made many people fall in love. And it was said with one voice that Ann played the role very well. He said that this is the story that takes the heart out the most. It’s like running when the body can’t handle it but the spirit keeps going. It is considered a tough role from what I have played before.

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Brazilian leader released from hospital after hip surgery

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva returned to his residence on Sunday, two days after he had hip replacement surgery. (Hip Replacement)

Brazilian presidential palace It said in a statement that Mr. Lula, 77, had been staying at Alvorada Palace, the presidential residence. and will continue to recuperate after surgery. After that, Mr. Lula posted a message via the X platform or Twitter originally saying He will work from home for a few weeks, and he thanked those who expressed concern for him during surgery. and also jokingly said He will recover and return to do more for Brazil. and will compete in the marathon as well

Mr. Lula had surgery on Friday. and the doctor said The surgery went well. But he will need a walker to help him walk. and doctors believe He will recover in time to travel to the United Nations climate conference in Dubai. of the United Arab Emirates In late November.

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The Department of Health recommends 4 good things to strengthen the heart’s 4 chambers.

The Department of Health advises people to take care of their health with 4 good things: good food, good exercise, sweet, fatty, salty but in moderation, and reducing and quitting alcohol and cigarettes will be good, helping to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai Director-General of the Department of Health said that since September 29 of every year is World Heart Day (World Heart Day), heart disease is currently the number one cause of death. From the report on the situation of NCDs (diabetes, high blood pressure and related factors) in 2019 of the World Health Organization (WHO), it was found that approximately 17.9 million people around the world died from cardiovascular disease, and it is the number 1 cause of death worldwide. For Thailand in 2018, the rate was found Death from ischemic heart disease is 31.8 percent per 100,000 people. This is in order to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. The Department of Health therefore invites people of all age groups. Especially people at high risk, namely diabetes, high blood pressure. People who are obese smoker and those with high blood lipids Give importance to taking care of your health regularly. Recommend 4 good things to strengthen the 4 heart chambers.

Good food by determining the appropriate amount and proportion of food on the plate. There should be 2 parts of vegetables, 1 part of rice and meat. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables Because it is a source of various vitamins, minerals, rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants. Helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Avoid or reduce foods that are high in calories and high in sodium, such as processed foods and fast food, for the rice flour group. You should choose an unpolished type. Or less refined foods such as brown rice, whole grains, quinoa, etc. because they are good sources of dietary fiber that help control blood sugar and fat levels, blood pressure, and heart health. Including choosing to eat low-fat protein, such as protein from plants such as dried beans, tofu, or fish with good fats (Omega-3) such as salmon, mackerel, sea bass, etc. Omega-3 fatty acids will help increase the flexibility of blood vessels. stimulate blood circulation and reduce cholesterol levels If you eat other types of meat You should eat the part that is not lean. and avoid processed meats Limit the amount of saturated fat and trans fats To help reduce cholesterol in the blood Because having high levels of cholesterol in the blood can lead to the accumulation of fatty plaque on the artery walls. This causes the risk of atherosclerosis. or blood vessels can become clogged

2. Exercise well. Having at least 150 minutes of adequate physical activity per week. Can help reduce heart disease and arrhythmias. Ischemic heart disease, heart failure, and stroke Get about 22-38 percent compared to people who have less than 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Therefore, you should exercise regularly at a moderate level, such as brisk walking, walking 6,000 steps per day to prevent heart disease and stroke. And if walking is increased to 7,000-10,000 steps per day, it will help prevent non-communicable diseases. and improve physical fitness In addition, sedentary behavior for long periods of the day should be reduced which has adverse effects on the heart, heart and brain. Recommend physical activity during the day As the World Health Organization has recommended “Every move counts” for a strong and healthy body.

3. Sweet, oily, salty, but in moderation. Limit the amount of sugar, oil, and sodium. You should not eat more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day by refraining or reducing food and drinks that are high in sugar, such as fruit juices, soft drinks, and brewed drinks. and various desserts, reduced oil and fat You should consider the amount of oil used for cooking each time and use it in a small amount. Or as necessary in one day, you should eat no more than 6 teaspoons of fat or oil per day. Choose to eat boiled, steamed, grilled, or stewed foods instead of frying. In addition, adding seasonings to food should limit the amount of sodium to no more than 2,000 milligrams per day. Or not more than 1 teaspoon of salt per day, or compared to not more than 4 teaspoons of fish sauce per day. 4. It’s good to reduce and quit drinking and cigarettes. The nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke is good. It will make the blood vessels hard. thick blood vessel walls People who drink large amounts of alcohol often experience a deterioration in heart function. It also causes bad cholesterol (Low density lipoprotein or LDL) to rise and directly affects blood pressure and blood fat. -Thai news agency

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Dengue fever outbreak in Bangladesh kills thousands

Bangladesh said that More than 1,000 people have died from dengue fever in the past few weeks. It is the country’s worst outbreak ever.

Dengue fever is normally a seasonal disease in Bangladesh. But the monsoon season has heavier rain and warmer weather because of climate change. Facilitates the laying of eggs and reproduction of Aedes mosquitoes. which are carriers of the dengue virus that causes dengue fever Make the disease occur more often Since the outbreak was first discovered in 2020, public health officials revealed that The current outbreak is too severe for officials to handle. Because it is a more severe strain of the virus. By noting that Dengue fever patients are now deteriorating faster than patients from a few years ago, and in the past two months as many as 20 people have died a day.

The World Health Organization states that Dengue fever outbreaks have been reported in all 64 districts of Bangladesh. The number of patients overflows in the hospital. Until there is a shortage of saline that is necessary to treat patients who are often dehydrated. Bangladeshi authorities are campaigning to raise awareness among citizens about eliminating stagnant water sources where mosquitoes lay their eggs. But experts warn that Those involved may think that dengue fever is a temporary disease. Therefore, no long-term measures or effective measures have been put in place. – Thai News Agency

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Prepare to report 5 additional charges against “M” for injuring two children to death in the Bang Sue area.

Investigators solved the case of Mr. Songsak, or M, injuring his child to death. Accelerate the verification of information on dead bodies without family members with relevant hospitals. The bone fragments discovered were not human. At the same time, prepare to report additional charges against Mr. Songsak in prison this Monday (Sept. 25) in a case of co-offending with Ms. Jessada, another wife.

Today, 23 September 2023, reporters reported that at Bang Khen Police Station, the working group on the case of Mr. Songsak or M met to follow up on the progress of the case. Including discussing methods for investigating and seeking evidence. After the results of the examination of bone fragments discovered along Phahonyothin Road. near Soi Phahonyothin 56, according to Ms. Jesada’s claim, it was found that it was not human remains.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasin Poolsawat, Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Revealed after the meeting that From now on, information will be sought from hospitals and related agencies. To check for history of corpses without relatives But initially it was checked by the Institute of Forensic Science. Ministry of Justice Bhumibol Hospital During the year that the incident occurred No DNA matches were found. At this time, we are in the process of checking data from another garbage collection truck. The vehicles that collect garbage in the area will collect it at Tha Raeng. From there it will be forwarded to Kamphaeng Saen. Along with a message to the public who may have witnessed events or seen news about the discovery of dead bodies without relatives during 2016 and 2018, please contact the police to coordinate information. To be useful in the investigation of the case

The Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police stated that 2 more bodies are being searched for evidence, but for the 2 bodies that occurred in Bang Sue. There is clarity about DNA. Next Monday (September 25), a lawsuit will be filed against Mr. Songsak. Additional 5 charges in the Bangkok Remand Prison, the same as those reported to Ms. Jesada, the wife and mother of the child who died, consisting of jointly assaulting another person causing serious harm to that person, jointly causing physical harm. others until causing that person’s death, Secretly burying, concealing, moving, or destroying a corpse or part of a corpse in order to conceal the occurrence of death or the cause of death. To help others avoid being punished. or to be punished for damaging, destroying, concealing, taking away, or causing the loss or uselessness of evidence of the commission of an offense. and jointly do anything to the corpse or the environment in the area where the body was found before the autopsy was completed in a manner likely to cause the autopsy or the outcome of the case has changed or to conceal the case As for human trafficking cases Investigators have coordinated with officials from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. Initially, the child was not yet ready to talk.

During this time, investigators gathered circumstantial evidence. Both from interviewing witnesses to evidence obtained from the hospital where the child was born. and has confirmed that The child is born in normal physical condition. Therefore it is believed that The child’s abnormal physical condition is due to abuse. He will go in and interrogate Ms. Sunan. More on this issue as well.

But in committing crimes related to human trafficking From the situation of using images of children to post for profit on online media Currently, there are two people who are likely to be involved in the crime, namely Mr. Songsak and Ms. Jessada, who will speed up the collection of evidence to be complete. To report legal action as soon as possible.

As for the case in which Mr. Songsak joined in committing the crime with Ms. Sunan, in the case of assaulting a child until death and moving the body to be cemented in Kamphaeng Phet Province, it is still pending the collection of additional evidence. In order to consider filing charges in a case of conspiring to kill another person.

Deputy Commissioner of Metropolitan Police It was initially revealed that the interrogation of surrounding witnesses found the motive for Mr. Songsak’s tendency to commit crimes with his sons. Mr. Songsak dislikes boys and cannot tolerate loud noises. When he hears a child crying, he becomes angry and physically attacks the child. As for the daughter he has with Miss Sunan and Mr. Songsak attacked him until he died. From the information, the daughter has a face similar to a man’s.

Meanwhile, information from the father’s testimony reveals that about 20 years ago, Mr. Songsak forced his younger sister to drink poison. When the younger sister protested, she used a knife to force her to do so. When the father stopped him Mr. Songsak also attacked him by punching and hitting him. So they severed ties from that time on.

While the first wife gave information that Mr. Songsak uses a knife to force him to register his marriage. After successfully registering the marriage, they divorced and never contacted again

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Villagers flocked to the temple to have the monk use herbs to treat snake venom.

Villagers flocked to Wat Chammun Sung, Klaeng District, Rayong Province, to let the monk use herbs to treat snake venom. And there is also a snake ring. It is also an amulet for protection from poisonous animals. (Please use discretion when viewing)

At the sermon hall of Chammun Sung Temple, Klaeng District, Rayong Province, many villagers who had been bitten by snakes came to receive treatment using herbal medicine at this temple. By questioning the villagers who were bitten by the snake, each person said that his condition improved. Some people were bitten by poisonous snakes such as rattlesnakes until their fingers turned dark. Still come to receive treatment at this temple. and said that symptoms improved without going to any modern medicine for treatment

In addition, the temple also has snake protection rings given out. Phra Palad Yutthana Jarudhammo, the abbot of Chammun Sung Temple, said that it was actually Luang Por Chu’s strategy. former abbot of the temple who had passed away was done as a morale booster for the villagers And it is a reminder to be careful when working. The temple does not allow villagers to be superstitious. But some villagers say After being bitten by an insect When rubbing the ring head on the bitten area It will make the symptoms subside. That is the belief of each person. And in the past, there have been patients from snake venom continuously coming for treatment.

The Abbot also said that The wisdom of curing snake venom has been around for decades. Since the time of Luang Phor Chu Because in the past the area around the temple was a mountain forest. It is the habitat of snakes. Villagers who were bitten by poisonous animals often came to Luang Phor Chu for treatment. The herb used for treatment is Wan Nang Pim and all the herbs are planted within the temple area

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Doctors confirm “Songsak” has no psychiatric symptoms.

Bangkok, Sept. 21 – Doctors confirm test results for Songsak, the killer who concealed his child. No psychiatric symptoms After claiming to have hearing loss and hallucinations

The investigative team took Ms. Jesada, the second wife of Mr. Songsak, who had five children together, but four of whom died mysteriously, from Bang Khen Police Station for a physical examination. After finding a large scar and he claims to have been attacked by Mr. Songsak Forcible, threatening, physical harm

As for the results of Mr. Songsak’s mental health examination this morning, the doctor recently confirmed that Mr. Songsak claimed that Hua Waw was hallucinating. not true The investigation found that Mr. Songsak talked. Can interact normally There were no psychiatric symptoms at all. and to make it clear At this time, investigators have been sent. Went to investigate another ex-wife in Trang.

As for “Gun Jom Phalang”, the original person who went to help Mr. Songsak’s son To all the mothers and children involved. to tell the truth Don’t fall for your husband more than your children. .-Thai News Agency

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Correctional Service clarifies that “Thaksin” is lying in the police hospital for further treatment.

The Department of Corrections explains that “Thaksin” will be admitted to the police hospital after 30 days after receiving the doctor’s opinion report. The treatment is not finished yet. After surgery

Department of Corrections explains In the case of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra who is in the custody of the Bangkok Remand Prison. and later had an emergency illness and had to be sent for treatment to the police hospital, which will complete 30 days tomorrow (Sept. 21), according to the Ministerial Regulations on sending prisoners for treatment outside of prisons, 2020. That in the case where a prisoner is receiving treatment outside of prison for more than 30 days, there must be a letter requesting approval from the Director-General along with the opinion of the doctor treating the patient and related evidence. The Department of Corrections received the letter. Police Hospital Doctor’s Opinion Report Specify the reason for Mr. Thaksin’s need for treatment for more than 30 days because his treatment has not yet ended because he has undergone surgery. and still needs to be treated at the Police Hospital.

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Doctors emphasize that tuberculosis is known quickly, cured, and does not spread.

The Department of Disease Control issued a warning to the public: “Tuberculosis is recognized quickly, cured, does not spread” to those in close contact with TB patients. including at-risk groups of people Hurry and go get screened. To search for tuberculosis and find latent tuberculosis infection To enter the standard tuberculosis treatment and prevention process. that is fast and timely

Dr. Tares Krassanairawiwong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control gave an interview after the news broke that “Jak”, singer and songwriter, formerly of the band Double U, was diagnosed with tuberculosis. In the news, doctors assumed that they had contracted the virus from a close friend who had recently died of tuberculosis on September 5th, saying that tuberculosis is a contagious disease that is still a major public health problem around the world and in Thailand. The World Health Organization ranked Thailand among the 30 countries with the highest tuberculosis problems in the world. It is estimated that Thailand has approximately 103,000 new tuberculosis cases/year and more than 12,000 deaths. 000 cases/year and approximately 1 in 4 of the Thai population infected with tuberculosis But only a fraction of them are sick with tuberculosis. due to decreased body immunity Another group of the population is more at risk of being infected and sick with tuberculosis than the general population, nam
ely the elderly with co-morbidities. Diabetic patients chronic kidney disease patients People infected with HIV prisoners or residents of protected institutions and persons with disabilities drug users chronic alcoholic Public health personnel Migrant labor group And the most important thing is Groups of people who are in close contact or who have household contact with a TB patient.

Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health As a government agency that is responsible for putting policies into direct practice has always been aware of and given importance to the tuberculosis problem There are plans and activities to push and drive policy. screening, care, and treatment in all risk groups to the supervisory authority Direct tuberculosis treatment includes hospitals in all sectors, both public and private, to enter the standard tuberculosis treatment and prevention process. that is fast and timely Breaking the cycle of spreading infection to others Continue to reduce the morbidity and mortality rate from tuberculosis.

Dr. Niti Haetanurak, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Added that as a result of the case in the news and there was a trend in the social media world Regarding the tuberculosis illness of a famous singer and actor, the Department of Disease Control through the Tuberculosis Division took urgent action upon hearing the news. Coordinate assistance directly to personal and family managers. To support additional examinations and treatment beyond the current treatment at a hospital. both latent infection and tuberculosis of family members housemates close contact Friends of band members or fellow actors All that needs to be examined

Dr. Phlin Kamolwat, Director of the Bureau of Tuberculosis, Department of Disease Control, further said that tuberculosis is a contagious respiratory disease. That spreads the virus from sick people through coughing, sneezing, talking, or singing. People who are infected are more likely to become sick with tuberculosis. When sick, it affects the patient and family, but it is a disease that is not as scary as you think. Because it can be cured By taking the medicine continuously as ordered by the doctor for approximately 6 months, with urgent examination required or early diagnosis When there is an abnormality by noting the symptoms of tuberculosis It started with a chronic cough lasting more than 2 weeks, a low-grade fever in the afternoon, loss of appetite, weight loss, and most importantly, when we knew it was a household contact. close contacts of tuberculosis patients Get tested for tuberculosis as soon as possible at a hospital or public health service center near your home. To enter the treatment proces
s according to the next standard “Tuberculosis, know quickly, cure, doesn’t spread” people can inquire for more information at the Tuberculosis Division, tel. 02 211 2224 or the Department of Disease Control hotline, tel. 1422.

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