The Ministry of Labour's Inspector-General and spokesperson Mrs. Petcharat Sinouy revealed that today (12 July 2017) Permanent Secretary of Labour M.L. Puntrik Smiti invited organizations to meet, listen to and ask questions about guideline regarding the Foreign Worker Management Act B.E. 2560 at the facilitation center for migrant workers at the seventh floor of the Ministry of Labour's building. Participants included representatives from the Federation of Thai Industries, the Thai Restaurant Association, the Thai Real Estate Association, the Housing Business Association, the Prachinburi branch of the Burapha Border Farmers Association and the Thai Orchids Exporters Association. After the meeting, the Permanent Secretary gave a speech saying, As announced by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on Section 44 to extend the date of enforcement of the Foreign Worker Management Act B.E. 2560 by 180 days for 4 sections, the Ministry of Labour has therefore established understanding with employers about guidelines for migrant worker employment during this grace period. The processes are separated into 3 groups; the first group is migrant workers working with different employers than specified in their permit. New employers can submit documents requesting a change in employer immediately at the provincial employment office or Bangkok Employment Offices Area 1-10. The second group are migrants which have passed the citizenship verification process and have received a passport, temporary passport, travel document or certificate of identity and visa, but haven't applied for employment within 15 days since receiving the visa; workers in such situation can apply for work permit at the local Department of Employment. The third group are migrant workers without work permits of documents, whereby the Ministry of Labour has established report points for migrant workers nationwide. Employers have thus far been satisfied with the measures and are ready to follow.

Mrs. Petcharat added that the Ministry of Labour is ready to open 99 migrant worker centers nationwide with 11 being established in Bangkok from 24 July � 7 August 2017, open every day. The centers will be open to collect documents via the internet. Employers will need to prepare documents and photographs of their employees. Once officers have received the documents, a receipt will be provided. Both employer and employee must then wait for further contact to get a passport or certificate of identity, which will be used to apply for a work permit. Burmese workers can get their certificate of identity at the citizenship verification points in Samut Sakhon, Ranong, Tak and Chiang Rai, without having to leave the kingdom. As for Laotian and Cambodian workers, the Ministry of Labour is in the middle of discussion to find a method so that workers do not have to leave the nation. For more information or to download the relevant documents, employers/employees can visit the website or call the 1694 hotline.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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