The Prime Minister pays homage to King Ngam Mueang and meets Phayao people.

Monument to King Ngam Mueang, The Prime Minister pays homage to King Ngam Mueang. Before releasing over 500,000 fish and shrimp into the Phayao lake, he begged, ‘I love you all, Phayao brothers and sisters,’ with a smile that couldn’t stop. After listening to the female students say, ‘Phayao is a second city. But it’s second to none.” – “Come and you’ll know. Once you’ve come, you’ll love us. Phayao is waiting to meet you.”

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Travel to the Pho Khun Ngam Mueang Monument, Wiang Subdistrict, Mueang Phayao District, Phayao Province to pay homage to Pho Khun Ngam Mueang. and meet the public

The Prime Minister said that this was the first time he had come to Phayao Province. Phayao Province has potential in many areas. Whether it’s a nice city with lovely people beautiful smile Many unique cultural traditions There is a wide variety of ethnic groups. which molds the minds of the people And there are also areas adjacent to the borders of many countries. To
day I went to inspect the border trade situation and the development of the construction area at the CIQ border checkpoint, the Ban Huak permanent border crossing point, and saw the readiness to open the border. in order to be able to expand public utilities As for exporting, selling cattle, selling cattle to China and pushing to sell to 100,000 head.

The Prime Minister also said that today he came to see Kwan Phayao, which has beautiful scenery and saw that it has real potential in attracting tourists from around the world. But these things will be difficult if we don’t have an airport. By Captain Thammanat Phromphao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives I talked with him about the airport and said that without an airport here it would be difficult. Will never discover good food beautiful place and Phayao is the province that is almost at the northern end. The government gives importance and has talked with Mr. Suriya. Therefore, Rungruangkit Minister of Transport In pushing to create an airport The gov
ernment is trying to make that happen.

The Prime Minister also mentioned the issue of agricultural products, knowing that lychees This place is famous and is an economic crop that can be exported They also have organic rice. which today the price of rice And the price of rubber has increased in many years. As for drugs The government continues to push for corrections. The same is true of debt problems. Request that there be a suspension of farmers’ debts, including the issue of solving problems of debt outside the system. Has been operated together with the government because it brings disaster to the people We must continue to help each other in this matter.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that the problem of pm2.5 dust is considered a big problem. Many provinces in the northern region It is considered a province that has suffered in this matter. And sometimes it is in the TOP10 of the world, which are in many northern provinces, such as Chiang Mai Province, which is a magnet province for attracting tour
ists in this region. Therefore, it is a matter that the government must pay attention to and fix. Even though it is ranked in the TOP10, I would like to inform you that this year and last year’s numbers are very different, dropping by as much as 2/3 in some areas, which must Help prevent forest burning. Burn more plant remains. Before the final Prime Minister Said in northern language: “Hello to all Phayao brothers and sisters.” After that, the Prime Minister and his team joined in releasing fish and shrimp. Rim Kwan Phayao, number 510,099

In addition, the Prime Minister took the tram from the Pho Khun Ngam Muang Monument, Wiang Subdistrict, Mueang Phayao District, Phayao Province to the Phayao Discovery Park (TK Park), with Mrs. Supamas Issaraphakdi, Minister of Higher Education and Science. Research and Innovation (A.W.) is waiting to welcome you.

Immediately upon arrival the Prime Minister Visited the booth of Thetsaban School 5 (Kaewpanya Uppatham), where student representatives introduced tourist attra
ctions in Phayao Province in 3 languages: Thai, English and Chinese. which the Prime Minister listened intently and smiled with delight at the abilities of the female students who welcomed the Prime Minister at one point saying, ‘Although Phayao is a secondary city, But it is second to none.’ There are many tourist attractions. which is soft power, such as an old temple in the middle of water, more than 500 years old (Wat Tilok Aram), causing the Prime Minister Smiling with satisfaction again Before concluding with the words, “Come and you will know, already you will love. If you rest, you will miss Phayao Ro You.” Then the Prime Minister applauded

Later, the Prime Minister visited Municipality 2 (Mae Tam Darunwet) where a robot demonstration was taking place. and a drone that students coded used to control robots Meanwhile, the Prime Minister Visited the Kids Zone room which is an activity room for young children By when the Prime Minister Walked in and greeted the children. Seating for activities in the ro
om With one child shouting out, ‘I have seen the Prime Minister. But on TV today I saw the real thing.’

The Prime Minister also went to see vocational training at the Learning City room, which is a room used for vocational training for villagers in the area. In cooperation with the University of Phayao On the same day, a group of elderly people came to practice making garland from loin cloth. Ready to give it to the Prime Minister as well. Villagers with vocational training shouted, “Handsome, the real one is handsome.”

Later, the Prime Minister walked around and visited various zones. of the Phayao Discovery Park (TK Park) before going out to the 2nd floor balcony to see the view of Kwan Phayao in the evening. Capt. Thammanat said that if the sky were more open, he would see the view of the mountain ridge behind. Kwan Phayao

Then the reporter asked about the PM 2.5 dust situation. Because today the dust is still clearly visible. Capt. Thammanat said that the situation is starting to improve. Today it bega
n to be lighter, while the Prime Minister further inquired about the situation compared to today of this year. How was it with last year? Capt. Thammanat said it was better than last year.

Reporters reported that the Prime Minister and Capt. Thammanat then took a commemorative photo with officials at Phayao Discovery Park (TK Park) before listening to a presentation of the project development plan and viewing exhibitions and community products.

of Phayao Province. Then the Prime Minister visited a booth selling OTOP products, good products of Phayao Province.

The Prime Minister will stay overnight in Phayao Province for 1 night before the Prime Minister will preside over the off-site official Cabinet meeting (Royal Cabinet) No. 2 / 2024 in Phayao Province at Phaya Ngam Muang Auditorium. University of Phayao, Mae Ka Subdistrict, Mueang District, and in the afternoon it is scheduled to visit the area in Lampang Province.

Source: Thai News Agency