Famous monk from Kamphaeng Phet, 47 years old, not rotten

Kamphaeng Phet, Wat Khruhabadi Sangha Organize an event to change the robes of the robes of the body so that the body does not decay. “Luang Pu Wiboon Wachiratham”, a famous monk from Kamphaeng Phet, year 47, believes that the merit of the coins will protect you from danger. Makes one survive from all dangers.

At Wat Khruhabadi Sangha, Village No. 3, Tha Phutsa Subdistrict, Khlong Khlung District, Kamphaeng Phet Province, the temple committee and students Organized an event to change the robes of the body’s robes. “Luang Pu Wiboon Wachiratham” former abbot The famous monk of Kamphaeng Phet Province who created the “Safe Coin” which has the Buddhist virtues of protection and safety, passed away on February 1, 1977, at the age of 94 years, 7 months, 25 days, 74 years, until the present, 47 years have passed. Grandfather remains the same, does not decay and decay with time. It is a miracle that makes students believe in the virtues of Luang Pu. There are many versions of Luang Pu’s safe coins. Many miracles oc
curred to the worshipers. Make both Thai and foreign students flowing in to worship

“Luang Pu Wibul Wachiratham” when he was alive He is a development monk. Teach Dhamma to Buddhists and have many disciples. Build religious places and sacred objects for disaster-safety.

For changing the robes of the body It is done before the anniversary of Luang Pu’s death every year. This year the event was held on 31 Jan. – 5 Feb. 2024. Villagers said with the same voice that it was a miracle on Luang Pu’s body. not perishable And always feel when entering this temple that Luang Pu is always there to preserve and protect.

Villagers who attended the ceremony looked at the numbers on the cover of Luang Pu’s glass coffin. to wish for good fortune Many people also believe in the numbers related to Luang Pu, including his 94 years of age, 74 years of his life, and his 47th year of death.

Source: Thai News Agency